Whoever is in distress can call on me.

I will come running wherever they are.

Princess Diana

Support us

There are many ways to support the rehabilitation of victims of a disaster: one-time donations, monthly giving plans, or becoming a counselor and participating in our projects, to name a few. Our efforts are only made possible by your generous support!

Donate $10 per day‬

‪The psychological rehabilitation of victims of a disaster requires more support.

A donation of $10 per day can already allow us to provide support to one affected individual.

‪* One-off donations

‪You can specify which area of our work your donations go to. We welcome individual and/or coporate donations. Ways to donate are:‬

1) Bank Transferal: "Post Crisis Counseling Network Limited" HSBC account:‬ 1688 1384 8838

2) Cheque: Crossed cheque payable to "Post Crisis Counseling Network Limited" and mail to "Rm 7, 11/F Kwai Cheong Centre, 50 Kwai Cheong Road, Hong Kong"

3) Paypal: Donate to "info@pccnhk.org" through PayPal ".paypal.com"

4) JustGiving:  Donate through "www.justgiving.com"www

* Monthly donations

‪Support the provision of sustainable mental health care to disaster victims by creating monthly auto-pay donations.

Please fill in the Donation Form and Credit Card Authorization Form.

* Please keep donation record such as deposit slip/ atm receipt/ online payment record so we could provide you a donation receipt.‬

* Please email your donation record to "info@pccnhk.org" or fax to 3017 6773, or mail to Room 7, 11/F Kwai Cheong Centre, 50 Kwai Cheong Road, Hong Kong

Join our Charity Sale

‪We hold regular Charity Sale to raise funds and are desperately in need of charity sale items and volunteers to man the booth.

Information of our next Charity Sale is below:

‬Coming Soon

Caring Company‬

To promote corporate citizenship, companies and organizations demonstrating a caring spirit will be awarded the Caring Company Logo or the Caring Organisation Logo in recognition of their efforts to promote corporate social responsibility.

We invite companies to collaborate with us. Interested parties please contact us (Tel: 2967 5031).

In 2014 - 2015, the following companies, which were nominated by PCCN, have been awarded the "Caring Company" title. Congratulations to them!

Become a Post Crisis Counselor‬

‪Mental wounds, in some ways, are more difficult to detect and treat than physical ones.

The mental health and psychological impact of emergencies can be long lasting and require professional and careful handling.

Become a Post Crisis Counselor so more people of disaster-striken area can be offered sustainable help. Learn more here.

What do you have most?‬

‪What do you have at home / at work that you do not need? If you have stationaries, ornaments, electrical appliances, toys/ dolls, handbags/ backpacks, clothes, or even food/drinks, etc, feel free to donate to us so we could distribute them to people affected by a disaster.

If you have time, that's even better. Come help out at our center. We welcome and treasure people of different expertise who greatly add values to the calibre of our center.‬

Whoever is in distress can call on me.

I will come running wherever they are.

Princess Diana