Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.

Maya Angelou

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The Post Crisis Counselor Training bases the course with knowledge of clinical psychology, which gears students with skills for psychotherapy including Trauma Psycho-assessment, Trauma Psychological counseling skills, Trauma Psychotherapeutic skills & all the related skills for trauma psychology which help the people after traumatic event as stipulated by the MHPSS guideline of the Inter-agency Standing Committee which setup the standard amoung the humanitarian agencies of the United Nations.

"I don't have the ability to prevent natural disasters from happening, but I have the ability to help disaster victims to heal their mental wounds.

Since becoming a member of PCCN, the experience of providing counseling services

in disaster affected area has brought me a new perspective to understand the meaning of life.

To live is not only to survive but to bring hope to the people in need.

It is a bliss to have the ability to help others."

Apple Lo, Veteran Journalist

"Providing help to survivors is like casting a light to their lives, leading them through the shadow of darkness.

It is surely worth spending time and money to help them recover from pain and find happiness again."

Joey Wu, Merchandiser

We cannot stop natural disasters but we can arm ourselves with knowledge.

Petra Nemcova

"My deepest thanks go to all survivors who have walked through pain.

Thank you for showing me the brightest smiles I have ever seen when your mental wounds were healed."

William Pong, Company Director

Senior Post Crisis Counselor Training (PCCT)

Post Crisis Counselor (practicum) with valid registration are required, willingness to work hard and serve traumatized people!

Language of instruction: Cantonese with English terminology

Course Dates & Time: Commences on 23 Aug 2019 (Friday) to 13 Dec 2019 (Friday), 7pm to 10pm, total 14 sessions

Application NOW OPEN!