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Hong Kong Services

When disaster related to Hong Kong people happened, for e.g., Manila hostage crisis, Lamma Island shipwreck, Egypt hot air balloon crash, PCCN would immediately provide psychological support services, including telephone hotline and counseling services. In the Occupy Central Incident, PCCN provided serveral outreach counseling services, reaching more than 400 individuals. Besides serving individuals who suffer from PTSD, PCCN provides other services such as pre-marital personality assessment and Prepare/Enrich services. PCCN also conducts different courses and training, such as crisis intervention training, NLP Practitioner Certification Training, and Post Crisis Counselor Training. In 2015, PCCN launched the Mission Heal Program with the aim of training 1000 qualified counselors in the coming 5 years.

Hong Kong Counseling Services (marriage, growth, etc.)

Apart from providing free counseling services in the midst of an emergency, PCCN also offers regular counseling services in Hong Kong. Please feel free to contact 21279890 for further information.


Practicing Counselor $100/hr

Senior Counselor $500/hr

Registered EMDR Therapist $800/hr

Clinical Psychologist or Psychiatrist $1500/hr

Onsite service please call to confirm fees.

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Past Activities

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.

Mother Teresa


Whoever is in distress can call on me.

I will come running wherever they are.

Princess Diana



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(NEW!) Hong Kong Blind Orchestra

Timothy Wing Ching To founded Hong Kong Blind Orchestra (HKBO) in October 2017. When his dear friend Cheung Siu Lung suddenly became blind in 2011, Timothy started the plan to establish an orchestra for people of visual impairment in order to support them to pursue music professionally. First established with the support from Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired, HKBO is the first philharmonic orchestra for the visually impaired in Hong Kong and the fifth of its kind in the world. We are honoured to have the world’s leading Korean Incheon Hyegwang Blind Orchestra as our technical advisor and sister company for regular exchange. HKBO endeavors to create a better future for the visually impaired by providing free and professional orchestral instruments and orchestra training, allowing them to obtain musical qualifications from the Royal Conservatory of Music, and recommending them to study in universities. In November 7, 2017, HKBO performs with Hong Kong’s popular female singer Miss Sammi Cheng at the Hong Kong Cultural Center Concert Hall. HKBO is in need of donations and support. For more information, please contact HKBO Music Director Timothy To at 3597 7724. ( www.hkbo.org )